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Seminars for Parents Given:

* Inculcating Social Consciousness in Your Child

* Teaching Your Child to Pray, Southridge School

* Love for the Holy Eucharist, Southridge First Communion Parents

* Media Education: How to Train Kids in Responsible Use of Media, Southridge

* Is Your Son Addicted to Computer Games?, Westbridge School, Iloilo City

* How To Prepare Your Son For First Communion

*Computer: A Double-Edged Sword (How to Educate Children in Responsible Use of Media)

*How to Deal With Your Son's Computer Addiction

* Keeping Your Internet Safe for Your Teens, Springdale School, Cebu City

* Preparing Your Children for Confirmation
STI Grade School

Computer: A Double-Edged Sword

Training Students in Leadership

How to Deal With Your Pubescent Child

How To Foster Love for Reading