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An effective Class Adviser has probably the greatest impact on the formation of the students. Probably, his influence is greater than the tutor’s, who only meets the student once a month, or the Religion teacher’s, who meets the student only 3 or 4 times a week. The Class Adviser has the occasion to meet with his Advisory Class everyday, sometimes even more than once a day if he also handles the class in a subject, which is usually the case.


On his effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) lies the “spirit” (or lack of it) of the Class. If effective, he is able to create a sense of class unity that can energize everyone to achieve the class goals. And these goals can include academic excellence, co- and extra-curricular achievements, and yes, even spiritual growth and exceptional sense of loyalty towards the school and the spirit of the school.



Governor Jay Suarez

Cong. Roman Romulo


Vice Mayor Don Bagatasing

Cong. Mitch Cuna


Migs Escueta/ Tutti Karingal of 6 Cycle Mind/ Chino David of Silent Sanctuary/ Robbie Joseph and Ikey Canoy of Akafellas/ Paul Yap and Tanada of Up Dharma Down


More than the Science, Math, English, Religion teachers of these guys. More than the Tutor….. I would look at the Class Advisers who must have had the greatest impact on them when they were in Southridge.


3. Vision for the Class (and some of you might feel that I am describing your class):

* students very proud to be in your class; students are very happy to be in your class: they think the other classes are pitiful compared to yours

* students from other classes envy your class; they’d want to be there

* parents so satisfied and confident with you because they know their Class Adviser genuinely cares for their sons: they’re just too eager to help you and support you

* parents’ satisfaction comes specially from the realization that you are a role model for their son: virtuous, upright, moral, spiritual, high impact

* parents and students speak highly of your professionalism, your punctuality, your firmness but fairness, your kindness, your positive attitude: that you bring out the best in the students

* they may have complaints and issues, but your presence, your attitude, your support all make the problems look trivial and insignificant

* they may lose trust in some teachers, in systems, in curriculum: but your being their son’s Class Adviser makes up for whatever shortcomings there are. And they are still able to say: IT’S STILL WORTHWHILE TO BE IN SOUTHRIDGE!

* your students support you through and through, the last thing they’d ever want is to upset you, offend you or be in disfavor with you

* you are the spirit of the class; the soul of the Team; the magic behind the great class that your section is

* the team spirit is so strong: failure of one student causes sadness for the whole class; and success of one student is great joy for the whole class.

* there may be misunderstandings among the students every now and then, but they are ready to forgive for the sake of Class Unity




This is the vision. This is what our classes can become this coming school year… regardless of however our class may have been last year, or in the previous years.



4. If there is anything right now that Southridge needs to become a really great school: EFFECTIVE CLASS ADVISERS!


5. Our role is to produce MEN OF INTEGRITY: the Class Advisers are the single, most important factor for Southridge’s success in this task: not the tutor, not the Religion teacher, not the academic subject teacher.

* we teach them integrity when we come to class PUNCTUALLY everyday. 2 minutes before start of the day, eager and ready. Not dragging our feet.

* they learn integrity in the way we carry ourselves: they know

we are not lazy,

we are always in control of our passion and temper,

we love our job and we love our work

we do not cheat them,

we do not cheat the school,

we do not cheat ourselves

we have fear of God in the way we live our life

we have the right priorities in place

we do not take short cuts for selfish reasons

we are loyal