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 We make the weather inside the classroom. Our disposition determines the air, the atmosphere. It is our reaction to things that happen that eventually determine the ambiance. I’ve seen students who end up being defiant, unhappy, frustrated, bored, revengeful, full of hatred and indifferent….. because of the teacher. I’ve also seen students who are so motivated, excited, committed, disciplined and supportive….. because of the teacher.


Teaching as a form of apostolate

Teaching as a mission

Teaching as Formation



Teaching as the profession with the most sterling nobilitysterling:  used as standard for determining all other money accounts

a person of genuine high quality or value, a standard for the rest

nobility: originally, highborna person of genuinely high moral ideals, characterized by greatness of character

GOOD TEACHER: serves as the highest standard of human conduct; his
authority comes from high high moral ideals and greatness of character


Teaching is the DIVINE DELIGHT (from Latin of “choose”, “love”) : Christ chose to be a Teacher


TEACHING deepens humanity


TEACHING is a great human adventure


TEACHING leads to great reward