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* Founding President of Character Education Partnership (Philippines) or CEP Philippines, an International Affiliate of CEP based in Washington DC, USA (www.character.org)

* presently a Professor at the University of Asia and the Pacific, English Department; and also a high school teacher in Bannister Academy in Quezon City

* a graduate of UST Faculty of Arts and Letters with a double degree in AB Journalism and Literature and an MA in Creative Writing

* currently taking up his PhD in Literature at the University of Santo Tomas

* belongs to the first batch of graduates of  PAREF Southridge, Batch 84

* was the Founding Director of PAREF Westbridge School in Iloilo City from 1992 to 1994, the first PAREF School outside of Luzon

* He handled various posts in Southridge since 1994, including Vice Principal of High School, Vice Coordinator for Personal Formation, and Principal of Intermediate School. He was also the Moderator of the school’s official publications like Ridge, elevated to the Hall of Fame by the Catholic Mass Media Awards for winning as the best campus paper in the country for 4 straight years; and Junior Ridge, CMMA winner in the Grade School category for two straight years.

* He has taught various subjects from Grade 4 to IV Year College: Religion, English, Filipino, Philosophical Anthropology, Moral Theology, Journalism and Creative Writing

* Founding Moderator of the UA&P Creative Writers' Guild, and also of CATALYST, UA&P's only outreach Student Organization

Continuing Education and Training Seminars Attended:

**3rd International Summit on Character Education, Washington DC - October 26 to November 1, 2014

**International Training Seminar on Character, Washington DC - May 28 to June 2, 2014

**2nd International Summit on Character Education, Washington DC - October 24, 2013

**International Summit on Character Education, Washington DC - October 25, 2012

**National Forum on Character Education 2011, San Francisco, CA - October 18 to 23, 2011

**ASCD Fall Educators' Conference, Las Vegas, NV USA - October 27 to 30, 2011

**National Forum on Character Education, San Francisco, California USA - October 27 to 30, 2010

**EARCOS International Seminar for Teachers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – March 25 to 29, 2008

**EARCOS International Workshop for Teachers in Differentiated Instruction, Bangkok, Thailand, April 2006

**EARCOS International Seminar for Teachers, Bangkok, Thailand – March 23 to 28, 2005

**UNIV 1997, University Congress, Italy and Israel, April 1997

**UNIV 1996, University Congress, Italy, April 1996

**Media Seminar: Children Television, ABS-CBN, September 1997

**Human Life International Congress, Cebu City, August, 2000

**Seminar for Religion Teachers, Rex Publications, Iloilo City, March 1993

**UNIV 1991, University Congress, Italy, April 1991

**Dozens of seminars for professional development organized by PAREF Southridge School every month for all its teachers: “On Classroom Management”, “Positive Discipline”, “Understanding By Design”, “Creating Rubrics”, etc.

Published Works:

**more than a hundred published articles in Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Philippines Star, Business World, Panorama Magazine, etc. during his 3 years work as free-lance journalist and Public Relations Officer of CRC College (presently UA&P) and Press Relations Officer of Opus Dei in the Philippines from 1989 to 1991.

**Edited and published 5 books of Literary Works by Grade School and High School students: Convergence 1, 2, 3, and 4, and Junior Convergence Edited and published 4 books of collections of articles on Parenting (Parents First and Parents First 2006 to 2008)

Creative Works:

**won 2nd Prize in the UST Annual Literary Awards (Ustetika), Essay Writing Category, 2005

**won 2nd Prize in the UST Annual Search for Poet of the Year, 1989

**won 1st Prize in the Gawad Canseco Song Writing Contest of Southridge NS, 2001

**won 1st Prize in Southridge Christmas Song Writing Contest, 1983

**Southridge Literary Writing Contests: 1st & 2nd Prizes for Poetry; 2nd Prize in Playwriting; 1st Prize in Short Story Writing – 1983

Other Achievements:

**Fellow of the UST National Writers Workshop in Tagaytay City from April 14 to 19, 2005

**recipient of the Jaime Zobel Full Scholarship Prize, UP Los Banos, 1984-1985

**qualified to be privileged member of the Thomasian Writers Guild in 1988-1989

**Vice-President of UST Literary Society 1987-1988

**Treasurer of the Association of Private Schools (Basic Education, Division of Iloilo City), 1992-1993

**Vice-Chairman of the Association of Private Schools (Basic Education, Division of Iloilo City), 1993-1994